Do you want to come to Pyrkon with your kids?

You have never been to our Festival and you aren’t sure if your kids or you as a parent can find something to do?
You’ve come to the right place – here you’ll find out everything that can help you organise the visit for you and your kids!

The most important rule:

Every participant under eighteen must have a written agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian for the whole time of Pyrkon!


Tickets at a lower price!

Children under the age of 6 can enter our Festival free of charge. For attendees up to the age of 12 we have prepared special passes, which let them attend the Festival at half the price. As we care about the comfort of all the fans, we have opened priority ticket offices especially for families with children, for the handicapped and their caregivers (who will receive free passes), and for pregnant women. Thanks to this, the distribution of passes will go more smoothly, and our youngest attendees won’t have time to get bored or tired by waiting in a long queue.

We care about proper content

The programme at our Festival is selected in such a way, so that everyone can find something for themselves. We do not have any events dedicated for the over 18 crowd, so everyone visiting us with kids can rest easy and don’t have to worry that the youngest fans will come into contact with anything not age-appropriate.

Kids section

Kids Section is a place for the youngest guests. There are board games tournaments, knowledge and art competitions, all under the guidance of experienced tutors. Kids Section is divided into two parts: Fantastic Lounge and PyrNook. In the Fantastic Lounge we play board games, we put our energy in activities and use creative power in the works. There is also a place for the youngest (under 4yo) participants of Pyrkon and for their inseparable fluffy associates. On the site we also provide a changing table, and all playgrounds are supervised by experienced tutors. In PyrNook there are lectures, workshops and competitions for older children (from 4 to 12 years old). Like Pyrkon for “adults” there will separate hourly program, which will feature numerous interesting events.

Everyone who is willing to participate in the Kids Section goes through the registration process. This means that a child left in this zone must have a contact number to the parents.


More detail coming soon!

Rules of the Kids Section 2017