Video Games Section is ever growing part of Pyrkon. It focuses on entertainment which is tangled with fantasy from the very beginning. Computer, mobile, console games - they have our attention for many hours, they allow us to explore fantastic worlds and compete against other players. For fans of Electronic Games we have prepared the following areas:

Hall 5A

Hall of Video Games Section - Hall 5A

Hall 5A is entirely dedicated to electronic entertainment and attractions. There is a scene of Video Games Sections, Retro Games Zone, Indie Zone, Free Play Zone and the stands of vendors related to the industry of electronic games.
Opening hours of the hall are the same as the Vendors Land’s.
Apart from Hall 5A for fans of computer and console games there is a lecture room of Video Games Section and Game-Jam in Hall 7.


E-sport has become a real sport already with its own stars, championships, cups.. and prizes of course. During Pyrkon you can participate in tournaments for the most popular games or watch games commented live. For more information about e-sports tournaments during Pyrkon visit the dedicated page.

Retro Gaming

Do you like old games? We do, that is why Retro Games Zone is a fixed item on the agenda of Video Games Section. The moustachioed plumber rescuing a princess? Shooting down incoming hordes of aliens? Fighting against pig-like strangers? Everything in the Retro Games Zone is perfectly possible. With a tear of nostalgia we would like to bring back the titles, in which we played decades ago.

Indie Games

Independent games are titles created by enthusiasts and small studios without the support of the big publishing companies. The main features of Indie gaming are innovative ideas, interesting models of game-play and unusual topics.
Do you want to see ingenious games? We invite you to Indie Zone of Pyrkon.

Console free play (zone organized by the company Mobisoft and BuddaPlay)

Are you fans of the Scorpion or Sub-Zero? Do you like Jin Kazama? Or maybe you just adore consoles and you want to visit the area which is entirely devoted to them? This is the place for you. Here you can come, meet other fans of your favourite characters and titles, and spend great time playing in a whole range of fantastic console games provided by the companies Mobisoft and BuddaPlay.

The vendor stands

If you plan to do some shopping during Pyrkon this is the place you are looking for. At the stalls of vendors you can not only play games but also purchase selected titles, various gadgets, posters and drawings associated with them.


Hall 7

Video Games lectures

Do you want to learn more about the games and how they are created? Are you looking for an opportunity to meet gaming YouTubers and bloggers in flesh and blood? The Lecture Hall of Video Games Section can be found on the first floor of Hall 7.


P-Jam - a game-jam in Pyrkon-style! Poznan Guild of Players organizes a competition in which participants can create an electronic game on a given topic. The competition will last 24 hours and will be held here on the spot, during Pyrkon.