Are you a true gamer? Do you like to play a boardgame with your friends from time to time? Or maybe you know nothing about table-top games but you think it’s time to change that? Whichever group do you belong to, Table-top Games Section is a place you should visit. No matter how advanced you are, here you can spend a wonderful time playing cards, board games and battle figurines. If you are an experienced player, you can rent one of really many games or take part in a tournament. And if you are a beginner, our volunteers can teach you how to play.

In the Table-top Games Section you can find such attractions as:

  • Games Rental – organized by Zagrajmy Foundation, you can come there and rent a game, completely for free;
  • Tournament Zone – area where publishing houses organize board games tournaments;
  • Collective Card Games Block – where you can participate in Collective Card Games tournaments;
  • Battle Games Block – if you’re a tactician and you love figurines, you totally should go there;
  • Test on Pyrkon – a place where you can take part in testing prototypes of board- and card games.
  • Game of the Year 2017 – the official awarding ceremony of the most important prizes in the Polish world of board games will be conducted on Saturday, during the Masquerade!