English-speaking Section

English-speaking Section on Pyrkon is connected with various topics from fantasy genre: literature, movies and video games. It's a section where, in addition to meeting with foreign authors, you can fully attend it in english.


Section for Beginners

It's not only a place for those that have just began their adventure with fantasy genre. You can know everything about literature, but have no idea what LARPs and RPGs are. The section for beginners will provide you with the basics which you will be then able to develop during the other programme events on Pyrkon.


Board Games Section

You can spend every spare moment in our Games Room, playing amazing board games! Here you can find every single genre of board games and card games, wargames, people to play with, tournaments with rewards, to cut a long story short – it’s just some never-ending fun. You’re invited 24h per day!




Wargaming Section

Wargaming Section allows every participant to get to know about popular games, as well as those they probably haven’t heard of. A ton of painted models, magnificent scenery models, gameplay and painting tutorials – all of this is waiting for you right here. Moreover there’s a painting competition and a display of beautiful models. We invite you to the world of miniature battlefields!


Video Games Section

Video Games Section is focused not only on presentation of various games and tournaments, but mainly on gamers. Lectures conducted by people from gaming industry, discussion panels and displays of the most popular games. We’ll go back to the past to reach out for relics of gaming goodness, we’ll dig out the old school titles and grant a possibility to play them online. We will provide entertainment for e-sports lovers, casual gamers, as well as for older gamers remembering games from the 90’s with nostalgia.

Card Gaming Section

Card Gaming Section consists of tournaments, workshops and many hours of playing classics, as well as newest titles. Shuffle, deal, draw and play in the Card Gaming Section in Games Room!



Integration Section

Pyrkon mainly consists of its participants. Meet the colorful, cheerful mob, integrate to the beat of the music during the evening party, run through the whole Pyrkon in a colorful pageant and meet the most fantastic people in Poland!


Movies & TV Series Section 

This section is for fans of the most popular TV series and movies. There will be discussions, meetings with the authors and projections. Devoted fans of certain titles, as well as people that just started to subside into fantasy movies genre, will find something for themselves here.


Literary Section

Literary Section offers vastness of programme events – meet-the-author sessions, discussion panels and lectures. It's a place where fantasy fans encounter inspiring meetings with the authors, editors and publishers. On the rich list of guests and speakers you can find international celebrities as well as promising rookies. Literary section on Pyrkon is also a place of literary fantasy genre premiers.

Scientific Section

If you always wanted to know how much truth lies in science-fiction stories, then the scientific section is the place just for you. We will explore the secrets of fictional technology from the space, the ethnology of alien planets and contemporary science achievements.



RPG Section

Brave warriors and adventure seekers - we invite you to the RPG section! Pyrkon's participants can participate in numerous lectures and workshops for beginners and more advanced ones. And all of it will be available 24 hours per day!


LARP Section

We invite you to our 24-hour LARP Section. We provide entertainment for experienced players who are able to use our rich offer of various games that are held on Pyrkon. For the rookies we suggest lectures about gameplay, conducting a session or how to prepare for a LARP. Our festival is also a place of the first LARP competition - Golden Masks.


Comics Section 

We will look into every corner of the comics world. We will dig out the old titles, look into the popular and forgotten ones. This section is for rookies and advanced people. Certainly, you should also expect guests connected with the comics world.



Manga & Anime Section

This section will not entirely be focused on discussion about manga and anime. Don't worry, you won't miss those discussions about series, genres and creators. However mainly it's focused on lectures, shows and workshops connected with Japanese culture.


Competitive Section

If you want to show off your vast knowledge, creativity, acting or improvisational skills, this section is a place just for you. Not only you can earn satisfaction from your well done job, you can also line your pocket with PyrPounds which you can exchange for rewards in the PyrShop.


Fantasium Suburbium (Festival Section)

A Pyrkon’s participant cannot live on lectures alone. Festival Section will provide you with attractions such as workshops from martial arts or dancing, interesting shows and exhibitions of works of art from fandom artists.


Children’s Section

For the sixth time we invite you to our Pyrkon’s Children’s Section. The youngest participants (up to 4 years) together with one of their guardians will have access to various attractions. Workshops, lectures and meetings that take place in PyrNook allow the younger participants (from 4 up to 12 years) to acknowledge fantasy in various ways, and Fantasy Common-room grants entertainment for all the kids which will be able to watch interesting shows. Everything will be supervised by experienced guardians and animators.