The Saturday evening during the Fantasy Festival Pyrkon was marked by the Masquerade - from 19:00 to late evening hours dozens of contestants took part in the best costume competition. The participants competed in individual and group categories, presenting not only costumes of well known characters but also their own even really surprising designs.

The Masquerade was a program event awaited not only by the participants, but also audience crowding in the Earth Hall and in front of telebim broadcasting a live transmission. There was also live internet stream allowing people outside MTP to watch the competition.

Prizes in the contest was sponsored by Diamond FX, CosCon, Płaszcz i Suknia, Włókno-land and Pracownia Gedeona. The Grand Prix award of 5000PLN was sponsored by Fantasy Festival Pyrkon.

After rough debates the jury announced the winners. Grand Prix with the money prize was granted to Anna „Nona” Nowicka who presented an impressive costume of Program Camille from League of Legends.

The best cosplay was chosen a costume of Junkrat from Overwatch presented by Gabriela „Blink” Woźniak.

In the best group presentation category unmatched were cosplayers from Wiedźmiński szlak (Witchers trail) group. They appeared on the stage as Geralt and Leshy from the game adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books.

As said before, the Masquerade is not only embodying cult characters, but also show of participants’ own invention. There was a large competition in the best own design category, but the jury was the most impressed by Weronika „Phere-Nike” Nowakowska in character of fearsome War Goddess.

Important in the contest are not only costumes but also the way of presenting them. The best show according to the jury was created by Wojciech „Mechaniczny Kot” Tarnowski as Iron Man and he was awarded with the best solo presentation title.

This year the Masquerade coordinated by Zula Costumes stood on a really high level and the winners had to put a gigantic effort to be better than the other competitors. Another edition will be held next year and it is worth of marking in your calendar already.