Pyrkon Mobile App does display a beautiful agenda, full of over 1000 attractions. Some phones may not manage though. What should you do in that situation?

You don’t have to worry! For people like you, we have created a light version. Near each and every lecture room you’ll find small boards with information about current programme for them. With the information, a QR code will be attached, allowing to display it right on your phone with a web browser. All you need is scanning the code!

Moreover, full list of QR codes will be available at the Festival Office and Information Points. If you ever desire to know what happens in certain room, just visit the place and scan the code. It’s that easy!

Remember though, codes provide only part functionality of PyrApp. If your mobile device can manage to run it, we strongly recommend you to do so! You’ll find all necessary instructions below.

Join Mobile Pyrkon now!

Install Eventory App

Scan the code below with your mobile app:*:
* - if you opened this site on your mobile phone - just tap the code, and the automatic redirection to appropriate application store will be done for you!

or visit the appropriate application store linked below:
- Google Play Store:
- Apple AppStore:

Activate PyrApp

After the Eventory App is installed, use the in-app scanner with the code below:

Pyrkon 2017 EN Pyrkon 2017

or manually search and join the event Pyrkon 2017 EN (containing English-conducted programme only) and Pyrkon 2017 (containing whole programme).