Costume contest the Masquerade is designed for creators of fantastic costumes – both cosplayers and people designing their own creations. It’s a place where characters from comics, books, movies and games become a part of the reality, even if it is only for a while. Three-hour show full of wonderful costumes, lights and stories.

  • Grand Prix - Anna „Nona” Nowicka, Program Camille, League of Legends
  • The best Cosplay - Gabrieli „Blink” Woźniak, Junkrat, Overwatch

  • The best Own Project The best group presentation  - Wiedźmiński szlak, Geralt and Leszy, Wiedźmin

  • The best Own Project - Weronika „Phere-Nike” Nowakowska, Bogini Wojny

  • The best solo presentation - Wojciech „Mechaniczny Kot” Tarnowski, Iron Man

Winners of the Masquerade in years 2015-2016


foto by Divbor foto studio