Fantasium Creatium is a place where fantasy combines with art. Here we present exhibitions that shows both known universes and new ideas of fantasy themes. In this zone you can also see amazing constructions made from LEGO blocks, made with extreme precision models of characters and paintings from many fantasy worlds. Thanks to Fantasium Creatium you’ll really visit fantasy world.

Fantasium Creatium - list of exhibitions

Thanks to Fantasium Suburbium You will be able to experience fantastic and amazing things without leaving Pyrkon. Have You always dreamt of going back to the past? Make sure to see medieval and viking themed villages! Or maybe You’ve always prefered the future? If so, postapo villages are just the thing for You. Have You always wanted to find The One Ring? Look for it in Tolkien Village - Ennorath. And if steam engines and inventions have a special place in Your heart, make sure to visit the Steampunk Village!

Fantasium Suburbium - list of villages

Fantasium Creatium
Exhibitions will be available in Halls 8 and 15.

Star Wars zone – hall 15

Aldona Talarczyk (AT’s LALAland) – costumes from Star Wars

She’s bonded with sewing machine almost since birthday. With passion to improve own projects with beads, lace and embroidery. Since few years fascinated with Star Wars comic books and trying to recreate these costumes as close to original as possible. The outcome is, she can present a great collection of costumes, and each of them was made during few months of hard work and consists of from a few to a dozen or so meters of fabric.



Artur Wrembel - “Cosmos 1999” - For everything that was

Imagine you’re on the Moon. Suddenly, Earth is just a spot on the sky, you’re out of Earth’s orbit and you’re wandering through the universe. What do you do? Welcome to the world of British series “Space 1999”. You’ll be able to see precise models of “Eagles” made by Artur Wrembel, many souvenirs connected to the show and try shooting from a laser pistol. Exhibition will be available only on Saturday.



Bernard Szukiel - paper models from Star Wars

In 80’s Bernard Szukiel was collecting pieces of newspapers showing models of vehicles from Star Wars series and made his first steps in cardboard modeling. He built his first model only few years ago, but nowadays his models are widely known because of hard work put into them and time needed to make them – few months for every of his creations. His work was appreciated by LucasFilms Company, that described his work in “Star Wars Insider” magazine and in many modeling contests. Each and every fan of Star Wars would like to have one of these relics at home.


Krzysztof Wilczyński – paper models from Star Wars.

His exhibition consist of few dozens cardboard made models based on pictures. His passion began 20 years ago, when digitally refreshed version of the trilogy appeared in cinemas. One model after another, the exhibition grew, and new models are made even more carefully that first ones. You will be able to admire a view of: TIE, B-wing and Y-wing starships, Millennium Falcon, Imperial star destroyers, Mon Calamari and Interdictor cruisers, Jabbba’s sailboat, replicas of lightsaber’s handles, Imperial landing ground located on Endor moon with Lambda class space shuttle, AT-AT,  Death Star’s  field emitter and diorama of battle of Hoth from Empire Strikes Back.





The Kulesza Family's collection of Star Wars models

Millennium Falcon, Yoda, Watto, huge Nebulon and B1 droid are the most recognizable models from a great collection of three artists from Elbląg - Marek Kulesza, Adam Kulesza and Katarzyna Anuszewicz Kulesza. Great precision of their models makes them one of the best in the world and amaze fans throughout the world. During Pyrkon, once again, you will be able to see huge ships and characters from Star Wars. This exhibition is also a great place to make a photo while holding replica of a weapon.


SW Stuff & Things

They are describing themselves as “maniacs of Star Wars universe”. Since they were little they were interested in Star World, collected pieces of magazines and tried to dress as characters. Now they are adults, but still have some child genes. During Pyrkon they will show their “small” (don’t get fooled by the word) collection of costumes, helmets and models.


Star Wars zone – hall 8

Star Wars Canteen -  Cantina Project

Cantina Project is an interactive diorama of the most known bar in the history of SF! It was created by members of Polonia Minor Squad and their friends. Come, relax, drink and remember that Han always shoots first.


Model of the Tie Fighter

It happened. Pyrkon was attacked and beaten by Galactic Empire. Proof of this event is a huge fighter left in the center of hall 8, whose role is to patrol convention attendees. Tie Fighter is a replica of a fighter in 1:1 ratio – length 6.3m, width 6.4m and height 7.6m. This is first model in Poland with such impressive size.
Earlier, NoCrew Grafitti team created by Rob Roy was taking care of two projects: AT-AT (you was able to watch it during premiere of “The Force Awakens” in Imax cinema) and Death Star (gift made for charity event to be auctioned).


Exhibition of Science Fiction – hall 8

P.I.F.K.O. exhibition Science-Fiction

Poznański Instytut Fanów Kosmicznych Odysey (acronym translates as beer) invites you to see their collection of S-F themed gadgets. Besides the largest private collection of Star Trek in Poland (over 100 models), they will present models from Star Wars, Seaquest, Tron or Batman. Exhibition will consist also different kinds of space ships, books, weapons, communicators and other things made by themselves or on license. Near the exhibition you will be able to meet the owners, with whom you can make a photo or just talk.



Exhibitions of figurines and LEGO– hall 8

Exhibition of models made out of LEGO bricks – LUGPOL

Exhibition of constructions made out of LEGO bricks. This year, you’ll be able to see enthusiasts made models from universes like: Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Narnia or Heroes of Might of Magic. You’ll take a closer look on scenes and vehicles from games like Spin Tires and Minecraft, and as always, admire various spaceships, medieval castles and post-apo sceneries. Shitload of fun for every LEGO fan.



„Figurines Maniacs” Exhibition is a place created for those who share the passion of collecting figurines and models of their favorite heroes. We create reviews, customs and write feuilletons. You’ll be able to see figurines from Marvel, Transformers and TMNT universes, handmade customs and add-ons created in 3d-printer. You may also take a pic in the Glove of Infinity. 



Przemysław Stanuch - Fantastic Figurines

Przemyslaw Stanuch through his art invites you to world of happiness, in ancient times, where matter vanish and we are able to see new, undiscovered before world of legends and dreams. World, where perfection is the key, and made-up animals are set free. His work will be shown for the first time, right here, on Pyrkon.



Stanley’s Workshop - Fantastic Creations

Workhouse of Stanisław „Locker” Czarnecki is a place where everyone will find something in their taste. Stanley makes from the beginning projects, models, sketches and figurines of fantasy and science fiction themes, What’s more, during Pyrkon there will be a possibility to watch the process of creating of model or figurine. Author will also tell about technics of making every figurine and show how to use each tool.



Take a selfie on Diagon Alley – hall 8


Magical World of Harry Potter

Media Rodzina publishing company invites you to visit Diagon Alley! If you always dreamed to enter the world of wizarding, now is your chance. Gigantic exhibition which main attraction is almost 14 meters model of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter universe. You’ll also see exhibition called “Magical world of Harry Potter”, consisting of paintings made by Jim Kay for first book from HP universe. Exhibition has unusual form of circular walls that gives an illusion of space. Illustrations from books were printed in great magnification, which gives a possibility to make a great commemorative photo with e.g. mountain troll. You can also make images of characters from the book, using cubes … that you can also sit on.


Art exhibitions – hall 8


Milivoj Ćeran - exhibition of original works

Milivoj Ceran is a Croatian drawer and illustrator, who will present over 40 original pieces of work on Pyrkon.  It will be his first exhibition of that type in Poland. His graphics are in climates of universes like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Dungeons & Dragons. His work was available to see on Comic-Con, Gen-Con Art Show and Illuxcon.
If you like Ceran’s work, we invite you also to illustration creating show that will happen on Friday, 18:30 in workshop room and Q&A session on Saturday, 13:00 in fable room 2.


Ada Sulewska – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Ada is a young artist from Gdynia. While creating graphics, she bravely chooses traditional and modern technics, mixing them together. She’s a great fan of Alice in Wonderland, and as Ada says, Alice is one of her greatest inspirations. In many of her artworks she refers to Tim Burton’s art. During Pyrkon she will present her illustrations that were part of her diploma thesis in 2015. Ada will try to blur the line between dream and reality to ask the question “Alice, where are you heading to?”





Kamil Pietruczynik – Comics and illustrations.

Exhibition of Kamil Pietruczynik works – graphics, paintings and sketches. He’s a comic books illustrator, designer of book covers, posters and music albums.  You’ll see comic boards and fantasy themed illustrations made by mixing traditional and digital media.

Exhibition of Kamil Pietruczynik works – graphics, paintings and sketches. He’s a comic books illustrator, designer of book covers, posters and music albums.  You’ll see comic boards and fantasy themed illustrations made by mixing traditional and digital media.




Mateusz Twardoch – Dream Frames

Dream Frames, artwork of Mateusz Twardoch, is concentrating on symbolism and surrealism. This time we will see few art pieces from his newest collection dedicated to women, that always inspired artists and archetypes of desire from myths that rooted in his mind. What’s more, author prepared fan arts from his favorite games.



Exhibitions of photos and posters – hall 8

Fairytale photography by Anna Sychowicz

This is how Anna describes herself and her art: Since I was little, I created things using pencil. Now, because of laziness and possibilities of digital photography, I take photos. And thanks to the drawing abilities I try to make my photos a bit more like paintings using graphic programs.
The most common theme of my photographs is a close relationship between human and nature. I was always fascinated by fantasy literature, I also think that world around us is, in many ways, so grim and cruel – I like to create my own, alternative reality, where people and animals live in perfect harmony. My goal is to send this message through my art – we are part of this world just like plants and animals, and we have to respect and protect it.



Movie poster in Polish People's Republic times

Exhibition of 20 film posters from Polish People’s Republic is a group of carefully chosen ones from 50’s to 80’s. For many attendees it will be coming back to the past, for younger ones it will be clash with another reality. There will be classics like “Star Wars – The Return of Jedi” or “ET” and polish productions like „Colargol zdobywca kosmosu”, „Seksmisja” and „Test pilota Pirxa”.






A book really lives!

The cycle of 12 photographs made in fairy climate, showing how imagination works while reading. Photographs are effect of a project made by City Library of Morąg and its subscribers. Characteristics and costumes for photos were selfmade by project volunteers through 3 months it was ongoing. Project is effect of joined forces of culture and education.



Olek Sajewicz - Fantastic journeys

Olek started his adventure with photography over a dozen years ago, when he found an old camera somewhere in his home. He mostly made pictures of his closest surroundings, his reality. At the beginning it was just normal pictures, but after some time he noticed, that every picture has a history, a spark of magic in it. On Pyrkon he will present 20 photographs from his journeys around the world, inviting guests to stand for a while and see that this world is surely fantastic place… in many meanings of that word.


Presentations of conventions - hall 8

 A stand of two sister-conventions – Twierdza i Cytadela – it's not only presentation of  fantasy festivals but also an invitation to get acquainted with the mysterious world of augmented reality. With help of images and sounds delivered through special VR gear you can move to a completely different world and experience a thrilling adventure. Aren't you curious where you'd be transfered? And after that you can try your luck with a Wheel of Fortune - you may win a souvenir from the two sisters.


Exhibition of helmets and gadgets – hall 5 (next to Children Section)


Stellar Collections

Stellar Collections is a huge collection of gadgets from films, comic books, books and games collected by father and son. They started it 30 years ago. The pearls in the crown of their collection are figurines from Star Wars universe. They can also present gadgets from universes like Marvel, DC Comics, Halo, Lord of the Rings, Alien vs. Predator, Pirates of the Caribbean and Pokemon. Their magnet for people is possibility of making o photo in original helmets from Star Wars, Transformers or Dr Who.

Fantasium Suburbium
The Villages will be available in hall 7

Alkochemicy (ENG Alcochemists)

Alkochemicy (translates as Alcochemists) is a postapocalyptic fraction famous from their bar, where for a bottle cap You can get some brewed by them treats. During Pyrkon their bar is open for everybody, and coffee as well as tea is available for You for just a cap! How to get it? Well, ask their barman, we're sure he'll be happy to help you. Throughout Pyrkon Alkochemicy will be also promoting their own postapo convention - Łyżkon (Łyżka is a spoon in polish, the name of the festival comes from a polish pun joke).

Ancient European Martial Arts

ARMA-PL invites You to visit their stall. They are a polish department of The Association For Renaissance Martial Arts (short ARMA), and their goal is to unite all the people interested in recreating ancient martial arts. They will be happy to present You some weapons, armours and techniques, or just tell You a bit about their passion. Make sure to visit them!

Brotherhood of Beer

Brotherhood of Beer (BoB) is the oldest polish official group of post-apo fans. Besides their love for beer and Fallout, they also create costumes, play LARP games and live everyday like it's, well, Fallout. Mainly though they are a group of friends, and they are always looking to make some new ones. Pay them a visit during Pyrkon and see for Your own eyes how post-apo looks when done by BoB.


Tolkien Village invites You to explore one of the oldest fantasy universums - the Middle-earth. It's a fascinating world of intriguing and mysterious evil and good forces, which fight against each other. During Pyrkon they invite You to see their own spin on the world known from LOTR and Silmarillion - more realistic than movielike. Here You'll find cosplayers, banners, elves writing in tengwar and a dwarf using runes. Except teaching how to write them, they also can tattoo them on Your body (using henna). For the brave ones await fighting and bow shooting lessons.

Jantar - The Vikings

Visit our village, wonderer. Sit for a minute, relax amongst ancient warriors. Sing a song or two amidst Your companions, lose Yourself in a game, watch us fighting. It may be, soon enough You'll become one of us.

Kitowcy (ENG The Putty Patrol)

DAMN! KITOWCY? WOBLOBLOBLOBLOBLBOBLBOBLO! One of the craziest groups on Pyrkon is back! Last year they stole some hearts with their charm, hugs and laughs. This year they've got their own village - a base for their pranks and mischiefs. If You're interested in an absurd amount of laughter, You definitely can't miss them!


OldTown Festival in one of the biggest post-apo festivals in Europe. It involves amidst other things, a 72 hours LARP game. Like every year, OldTown comes to Pyrkon to show everybody who's interested how the world would look after a nuclear apocalipse... And why it is sometimes important to escape civilization to feel a real freedom and adventure. Sounds interesting? Pay them a visit! Besides meeting some real road old stagers, You'll be able to get to know Igor, artificial intelligence, and discover a few mysteries.


25 hours long marathon of creating video games. On saturday and sunday independent creators will together encode, program, and design potatoes… Ekhem, we mean games. You are not a game creator? Come anyways and see how a video game is made from scratch!


RadRatz is a motorcycle gang, or, as they prefer to call themselves, "automotive industry enthusiasts club", which cruises through wastelands of postnuclear Poland. Engine sounds, smell of gaseline and rumble announces their arrival. In RadRatz village You'll be able to see not only eccentric and bizarre machines they ride on... but also take a picture on them!

Ravens - Brotherhood of Warriors (PL Kruki - Bractwo Wojowników )

Brotherhood of Warriors Ravens is a group that recreates culture, martial arts and handicraft of ancient Slavic and Skandinavian. If You're a fan of "The Vikings", or just good fun amongst bearded barbarians, You definitely have to visit them! They'll be happy to show You ancient games and activities, and, most importantly, hand You a sword.

Redoubt of the Survivors (PL Reduta Ocalałych)

What a treat for any fan of military Redoubt of the Survivors is! Whether You're just a military enthusiast, FPS gamer, or for a minute You want to feel really safe - this is a place for You! Climb under a wing of a plane, sit on a barricade or lean against a UAZ. Our brave soldiers will make sure to take a good care of You!

Sailor Moon - The Village

"Sailor Moon" is a japanese animation series, which many may remember from their childhood. During this year's Pyrkon every participant will have a chance to visit our Village and meet those amazing girls. Cosplayers from Lunatycy Project, dressed as Your favourite characters, are waiting here just for You - come and snap a photo together!

Superheroes League

Superheroes League is a group of people embodying Superheroes from movies and fairy tales, who fulfill children's dreams of meeting their heroes in real life. They visit hospitals, orphanages, child care homes and many more. During Pyrkon they're coming to rescue us all from boredom, and to show, that helping really isn't that hard. Come and visit, who knows, maybe You'll become one of them?


Colourful costumes, painted faces, wild singing and drumming, and a lot of positive energy are their recognition marks. If you'll meet them, they are sure to lure You into their world. Give them a chance, and maybe, just maybe, You will discover a wild side of post-apo?