What is Pyrkon?

Fantasy Club "Druga Era" decided to organize the first fan convention in Poznań in 1999. This convention has been growing larger for fifteen years, so eventually it became the biggest festival in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe.

120 000 people has visited us since 2010! That is why we are planning to prepare even more fantastic space for you on the 17th edition of Pyrkon.

What kind of attractions does Pyrkon provide?

  • 11 buildings, dozens of lecture halls full of attractions, Cosplay, discussion panels, contests, workshops, exhibitions and shows out of this world.

  • Paradise for fans of fantastic gadgets – more than 7000 square meters of the jewellery, figures, games, clothes, gadgets shops – in a nutshell, everything you can dream of.

  • Opportunity to meet incredible guests! During previous years, we were visited by: John Wick, John Layman, David Weber, Shane Lacy Hensley, Ted Chaing, Jacek Dukaj, Eoin O'Doherty, Graham Masterton, Jarosław Grzędowicz, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Tad Williams, Sandy Petersen, Cameron Stewart, Olga Gromyko, Charles Stross, Lauren Beukes, Aleksandra "Shappi" Tora, Jakub Ćwiek and many others.

  • Huge Games Room for all zealous fans and beginners of board games.

  • Enormous and awesome Video Games Area – you can find there consoles, tournaments, showrooms, Indie Games and Retro Games Areas.

  • Fantastic encampments, where you can see clothes and equipment, take part in activities straight from the history, and take wonderful souvenir pictures.

Pyrkon is a great fun first of all!

Fan Convention Pyrkon 2017 – Regulations

Fan Convention Pyrkon 2017 – The Code of Conduct


Talked about us:

What for do we come to Pyrkon? There are as many reasons as many guests go there: some come for interesting lectures or to buy gadgets, and others to show perfectly prepared costume, or just to meet friends from distant parts of the country.

Despite the great impetus and total use of fifteen halls of Poznań International Fair, I didn’t have a feeling that the size of it tore away its soul. This convent is organised by fans for fans; this natural and unpretentious attitude can be seen everywhere, among participants, organisers and vendors.

Surely, I will take part in next Pyrkon – perfect organisation and wonderful atmosphere have convinced me enough. I do encourage all of you, even those who live far away.

During these few days at the grounds of Poznań International Fair, fans of fantasy, manga and anime, science-fiction, games, cinema and literature have met each others. That mixture of interests and passion might be hard to connect at first sight, but Pyrkon is a great proof that it is possible.


About the organizer:

Fantasy Club "Druga Era" has been working actively for 18 years, gathering enthusiasts of literature, games and movies connected with fantasy. The most essential Club activity is now to organize the fan convention Pyrkon, RPG sessions, literary discussions and board games meetings.

The Club includes over 70 members and sympathizers. We invite people of all ages, with any knowledge about fantasy, who like to meet new people, and are willing to do a voluntary work for culture development while having a good time! For further information visit website: