Pyrkon’s Fantastic Initiatives Zone 2017 is a unique area in hall 8. You will find lots of information about various fantasy events happening in different parts of Poland there, along with their organizers and representatives.

Brotherhood of the Sith

Brotherhood of the Sith is a Polish fandom organization which brings together lovers of Star Wars. Our activities are focused on collecting and spreading knowledge about Siths - their history and philosophy and the fight against deceitful propaganda of Jedi. At the same time we create our own alternative version of events, as a non-canonical continuation of the Order of the Sith after the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader.



NanoKarrin is an amateurish group dedicated to dubbing. We create Polish versions of games, movies, musicals or audiobooks. We dub, we create instrumental versions and soundtracks, we translate the dialogues and songs, we draw, we do editing, and we mix. If you have a dream about dubbing, welcome to our group!




Dreamhaven is event, which grew out of the need for freedom and experimentation - here is the place to realize the craziest ideas, to look for solutions, to learn, to meet new people and new ideas. Regardless of whether it’s the hundredth LARP for you or the very first one - if you are curious and you are looking for cool people to play as well as  good games and vacation with LARP at beautiful lake - if it sound like something just right for you, then Dreamhaven is waiting!


Mroczne Bractwo

We started in 2009. At the beginning, we were just organizing meetings for a group of friends, during which we talked about things we are interested in. Since February 2017, we are a registered association and we encourage young people to participate in social and cultural life, while improving their knowledge about Japanese culture, games, fantasy genre and science fiction. We gradually spread our wings and increase the number of members.


Wrocław Mangowcy

„Wroclaw Mangowcy” is an unformal group that consecutively, since 2013 organizes projects related to integration of young people in Wroclaw. Within Fantastic Initiatives Zone we want to promote ideas of meetings for fans of manga, our new headquarters and one of parties organized by those, who still attend schools and identifies themselves with adult readers of manga. Additionally, we would like to organize meetings, about how a manga themed meeting should look like, how we avoided problems with drugs and alcohol and what was Wroclaw city’s part in evolution of our group.


Konwenty Południowe


“Konwenty Poludniowe” is now the biggest (in almost every aspect) informative website about news from fantasy world, manga, anime, comics, board games and e-sport. On our website you can find galleries, reports, info and – most important – the most up to date calendar of events from areas you are interested in. With us, you won’t miss any convention!



“GOSTKON” is a festival organized in Gostyn on 24-25 June 2017. Participation in literature section was confirmed by Łukasz Orbitowski and Michał Cetnarowski. In program: Cosplay’ada, “Ogólnopolski Konkurs Cosplay”, Games Room., mobile comic books reading room, Arena, RPG, LARP, Star Wars, theater of fire, child’s section and music events. Free for all.


Are you able to feel the Force? Or you always wanted to experience Its power, but you were not sure how to do it? This year, on Pyrkon, team from will answer to call of those who want to. Fans and fanatics, specialists about Star Wars universe, and above all, people. is your everyday dose of the Force, and you will be able to feel it also on Pyrkon. We invite you to use our game section (card games, board games, also bonuses for young padawans), meet cosplayers, talk with editors of our website (maybe even in front of microphone while live podcast is active!) and show yourself in front of camera (live on youtubeJ ). Finally – if you ever thought about becoming one of us, you should not miss this chance!


Opolska Mangowa Alternatywa

“Opolska Mangowa Alternatywa” is a group of Japanese culture fans, that works mainly within Opole province. Besides weekly meetings in Youth Cultural Centre, where we share our passion with others, we organize events for those who like Japanese culture. Up until today, we organized eight similar events – Sakurakon during spring and Yukikon during winter – that offered a lot of attractions for those who attended. Visit us, if you want to learn more!



“OKF Fenix”Association

“Opolski Klub Fantastyki Fenix” gathers people obsessed with spreading fantasy to every place in the world… but for now they working like crazy in Opole province in Poland. They organize Games Days, where attendees can play board and RPG games, “Opolskie Spotkania Fantastyczne” and their gem in a crown – “Opolcon”. Look and see, how to have fun making fantasy events!




“Fantasmazuria” is a new event on Polish map of conventions. There, you can find sections: literary, Japanese culture, science, movies and series, cosplay, concerts and marketplace zone. We want to invite you all to attend lectures, panels, meetings and contests. “Fantasmazuria” will be held 16-18.06.2017 in Ostróda, on Expo Mazury grounds.



Wielkopolski Oddział Gwiezdnej Floty

“Wielkopolski Oddzial Gwiezdnej Floty”, or crew of USS Posnania, is a group that gathers fans of Star Trek from Wielkopolska province in Poland. Our history starts in 1995, which means we are the oldest association of that type in Poland. Our primary goal is organization of regular meetings to gather fans of Star Trek and other SF genre in Poznan and promoting our favourite universe during conventions.



We’re making a countdown to start Arkhammer 2017!

Our convention is a place for fans of fantasy in any form, or any type of games – board, card, RPG, battle, whatever. First edition gathered over 400 people and made Kalisz appear on convention map in Poland. In 2016 it was over 500 people.

To sum it up – it doesn’t matter what do you want to spend your money on; RPGames, costumes or anything other, you’ll find people like yourself (and interesting things to do) on Arkhammer.



Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away called „Miedziana Gora” time has come to start V Empire of Jagacon, known also as “Świętokrzyski Konwent Fantastyki”. Following the trail of Rebels, we will prepare space class events, and we will prepare you to awake the Force within you. Do not hesitate, gather, and may the Force be with you on 28-30 July 2017.



Sabat Fiction-Fest

Hey you! Yes, YOU! “Sabat Fiction-Fest” is a three day fantasy festival held in Kielce since 2014. Festival is meant to be a place where any fan of fantasy, board games, computer games, RPG’s, cosplay or manga & anime have something to do. This year edition will be held 30.09-1.10 on Targi Kielce area. Don’t wait, take your broomstick and come to our sabbath!



NiuCon convention invites you to Wrocław for the eight time! On 11-13 of August we will meet the greatest adventure! Hidden treasures, superheroes, spaceships (and pirate ones) will wait for you!

There will be plenty of guests, fantasy, literature, anime, manga, comics, games and many many more on NiuCon!

More info at


Nagroda Fandomu Polskiego im. Janusza A. Zajdla

Janusz A. Zajdel Prize is awarded by fans of fantasy literature to authors of best polish fantasy novels and stories.

Report a nominee at Pyrkon! Choose up to 5 titles issued in last year. Those with largest pools of votes will be nominated to the prize. Among them, attendees of POLCON will choose winners.


Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Fantastyki Avangarda


ZjAva is a convention that specifies on games that does not need electricity, organized by Avangarda Association. If you are a fan of board, card or role play games you will find something for yourself right here. Anyone who want to try this awesome world and does not know how to start is also welcome. We invite you to our Gamesroom and prototype zone, tens of game sessions and LARP’s, tournaments and contests.

Come to ZjAva and play!


Dni Fantastyki

Dni Fantastyki are one of the greatest fantasy events in Poland. This year for the thirteenth time we will visit castle in Wrocław-Leśnica and will provide tens of attractions, among which everyone will find something interesting. On 7-9 of July, on the beginning of summer, #meetatDF




„Kapitularz” 2017 is sixth edition of festival from Łódź that welcomes all fans of every kind of fantasy. This year there are a few hundred hours of program, meetings, panels, contests and games. Like every year, we will prepare few lines of program, from pop culture to science, from epic fantasy to SF – all delivered with spicy sauce from Yuggoth. Besides main part, for our guest we will prepare games room with few hundreds board games to rent and many additional attractions, part of which will happen during a month before “Kapitularz”. Differenced program will allow everyone to have fun – it won’t matter if you are new to fantasy or a veteran. This year’s edition will be held in perfectly equipped and spacious building of Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz.



Simply saying, we are fans of the Mandalorians - fictional group of fighters known from "Star Wars" universe. If you know Boba Fett from "The Empire Strikes Back" or Jango Fett from "Attack of the Clones" then you know Mandalorians - trained bounty hunters wearing characteristic armors and helmets. If you'd like to know more about them - come meet us!