Costume contest the Masquerade is designed for creators of fantastic costumes – both cosplayers and people designing their own creations. It’s a place where characters from comics, books, movies and games become a part of the reality, even if it is only for a while. Three-hour show full of wonderful costumes, lights and stories will be hosted by Jakub Ćwiek and Ola Godek.

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Winners of the Masquerade in years 2015-2016


Organizer of the Masquerade

Zofia Skowrońska
Event organizer, game designer, specialist in cosplay and LARP. Founder of the brand Zula Costumes. Vice-Champion of Europe during Eurocosplay 2013 in London. Winner of two Golden Masks. Main make-up artist at College of Wizardry. Author of LARPs such as “The Witcher School” and “Ostatni Rejs”. Administrator of the LARP Poland FB group. Coordinator of countless cosplay competitions, for example Fantasy Expo Cosplay 2013, Polcon Cosplay 2014, Comic Con Warsaw and Pyrkon Masquerade 2015 and 16. Collaborated with such brands as Empik, Cropp, Sony Playstation. At Pyrkon 2017 responsible for The Great Costume Competition – the Masquerade.


Konrad Czernik
Lead Concept Artist and Character Art Director at Techland with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Titles that were based on his concepts include Dead Island and Call of Juarez series, Hellraid and a couple of projects realized at ShortBreak Studios. For a couple of years he helped with creating the game environment, to fluently pass to character design. Right now he works on creating the artistic vision of games and is responsible for the design of all characters. Lecturer at the largest industry events (such as Digital Dragons, PGA, GIC).  


Katarzyna "Kairi" Siedlecka
Cosplayer since 2008. Actively participates in most cosplay-related events in Poland as a participant, lecturer or judge. Hosts classes and lectures about her hobby both in Poland and abroad. For 2 years she’s been cooperating with the Orion Travel Agency in creating cosplay-related activities at youth camps. She’s been representing Poland multiple times at international cosplay competitions, three times at Eurocosplay in London (double Vice-champion of Europe and Champion in 2014) and one time at European Cosplay Gathering in Paris. Winner of the First Prize at Crown Championships of Cosplay 2015 in the category Video Games and Third Prize at “Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay” of 2016. Together with Jakub “Zel” Kołecki she was placed second at Clara Cow Cosplay Cup 2016. What she enjoys the most is creating complex costumes that require usage of advanced techniques. Her true love is the stage and above all she likes to perform and create performances.

Klaudia Utnicka
Makeup artist, Costume Designer and Stylist. Her journey with cosplay began in Clothing and Textile Trade School in Warsaw. Her first experiences were made in The National Theatre in Warsaw where she created costumes for the play “Faust”. Since 2009 she’s associated with the movie industry, helps with commercials and TV programs. On the set she cares for the looks of famous personalities, both make-up and costume wise. Klaudia produced photoshoots for foreign fashion magazines. Since 2016 she leads the Youtube channel “Makeup by Utnicka”, where she creates SFX and Cosplay makeup based on such works as Witcher 3, Suicide Squad and Alice in Wonderland.