Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon

Poland, 21-23 March 2014 World Trade Center Poznań


HBO Photo Booth at Pyrkon!

A huge attraction for all HBO Game of Thrones fans!

We are introducing an HBO Photo Booth where everyone will be able to make and receive a very unique picture! Those will also appear on our Facebook page.

Everyone whose picture appears on our page will have a chance to win Game of Thrones souvenirs! Pyrkon and the 4th season of GoT are nigh - we can't wait, can you? 


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Umberto Pignatelli comes to Pyrkon!

We officially confirm that Umberto Pignatelli will attend Pyrkon this year! 

Thanks to the combined efforts of Fajne RPG and Pyrkon you will be able to see him in Poland. His  presence will also celebrate an important event - the premiere of his two great hits: Beasts and Barbarians and Adventurers! For those who do not yet know Umberto, a few pieces of information:

  • he’s a publicist and a role-playing game creator
  • he cooperated with, among others, GRAmel, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Ganesha Games and Fajne RPG
  • lately, he created the old school game Adventurers!

More information about mister Pignatelli can be accessed in the Guests section.

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The Polish National Miniatures Painting Contest!

konkurs malowania figurek

For everyone that enjoys painting miniatures, be it masters of padawans, juniors or troupers, we have a surprise! The first annual miniatures paining is upon us!

We welcome you to attend on Pyrkon Saturday. The elimination categories are as follows: small single model, large single model, squad and exhibition. The contest is overseen by the group Chest of Colors.

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Pyrkon Dice by the Q-Workshop!

Today we have an outstanding piece of news for you, especially for those who who enjoy games which use the traditional six-sided dice!

Thanks to the kindness of the Poznań company Q-WORKSHOP, which incidentally celebrates a decade of its existence, this year only, the participants of Pyrkon will receive one of the 15,000 dice, made especially for this occasion!

Wouldn't you say they are beautiful?

How about Liking the Q-Workshop on Facebook? We're waiting for you at Pyrkon!

kostki pyrkon żółte

kostki pyrkon kosciane

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Invitation to Pyrkon

Dear Readers!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Pyrkon convention website. Pyrkon is the largest fan convention in Poland, filled with exciting events, lectures and games. The 13th edition, which took place last year, gathered 12,300 guests (twice as many as the year before).

Where? Poznań International Fair, Poznań

When? 21 – 23 March 2014

Cost? Entry fee for the whole 3-day festival is 50 PLN

Each science-fiction (and fantasy, manga& anime, boardgames, RPGs, LARPs and more) enthusiast can attend absorbing activities on Pyrkon. The convention lasts around the clock, which means you will not be bored, even at 03:00 a.m!

We encourage You to explore our website, which contains detailed information about this year's convention and the history of Pyrkon.



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