Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon in Poznań

Program Sections

It is our goal to create such a variety of attractions over such a wide range of topics that no one will experience a minute of boredom during Pyrkon. To make it easier for you to get around this lot we have divided program into sections.

Film Section

Welcome to Pyrkon's world of films and TV series, where you will meet Jason V. - the protagonist of a horror series Friday the 13th' - as well as grim Darth Vader. Together we will travel to Caprica and Westeros. You will get to know the history of animation art and the best productions of Platige Image. You will plunge into Tolkien's Middle-earth. You can participate in Trailers-mania – a review of the most interesting movie trailers. For those who like it – there is also a screening of postapocalyptic short films. You will roam the far-away corners of the Galaxy until you reach the Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate worlds. 

This year we're planning to invite interesting Guests from the film industry - you can't miss it! 

English Section

First time ever Pyrkon is going to run a program section in English. The topics will vary from literature, movies, TV series to games and Japanese culture. There will also be Author's meetings in English not assisted by any translator. If you feel confident about your English – help us create program items for this section!

Computer Games Seciton

Is this year going to be as abundant in great computer games as 2012 was? Will there be anything to compete with last year's Assassin's Creed 3 or Skyrim? Or another blockbuster as successful as Anomaly: Warzone Earth? Check it out for yourself! We are going to invite games' creators, publishers and fans – as these are the guys who know almost everything about their favourite titles! Don't worry, there will be enough room for all sorts of productions: off, indie, casual, mobile, facebook and many more!

Literature Section

As always, Pyrkon's most extensive section takes over the lecture hall and 3 other lecture rooms. This is where you can find your favourite writers (both famous and debutants), critics, editors and publishers. Author's meetings, lectures and discussion panels on various subjects - from theory of literature, religion, science, philosophy, history, mysticism, to space exploration will take place here for you to enjoy.

Science Section

For all interested in learning some real-life science while having fun with science-fiction.

Scientists and science lovers are going to share their passion for: physics, astronomy, history, ethnography, biotechnology and other fields of science. They will shed a light on what normally escapes our comprehension. During the lectures you will find how interesting science is when presented in a funny, easy-to-digest way!

RPG Section

This year's RPG section will have plenty of attractions!

Those seeking unforgettable adventures will be presented with new and unknown systems. Theoreticians will get the chance to attend interesting lectures and take part in discussions with Polish RPG celebs. Practitioners will have the chance to play numerous sessions, relish great adventures and make friends.

Don't forget to bring your dice!

LARP Section

If you feel like taking part in a LARP game during Pyrkon – be our guest! You don't need to have a professional costume or know all the details of the game's setting. From the morning till late evening, at any given time at least two LARP games will be held. In separate rooms, far from the Convention's noise you can try out all different settings: from fantasy through renaissance, alternative reality, cyberpunk to science-fiction.

Comics Section

If comics are your passion and you want to get to know even more about them, learn the details of how your favourite series are created, talk with publishers, get an autograph from a beloved author or take part in workshops – this is the right spot! You will find out what's hot in the world of comics and get to know the old hands.

Manga & Anime Section

Youkoso! From "Akira" to "Zero no Tsukaima" – this is the spot for all fans of Japanese comics, animation and more. Otaku of J-pop, K-pop and Far East dramas will feel comfortable as well! No matter which translation of Sailor Moon you like most, how many chapters of Naruto you have read – join us! You will meet plentiful of people sharing the same passion... and maybe you will find something bright new?

Contest Section

Got some spare time between interesting program items? Wish to win a Pyrkon souvenir? Want to boast about your knowledge and check out if there is any geek bigger than you? We have something just right!

We have the space, we have the prizes, we have Pyrfunty (Pyrkon's currency you win in contests and tournaments which is exchangeable for prizes in our Pyrkon's Shop)... for all we need is YOU! Join us! Take part, or create one of our multiple contests and we guarantee you will have great fun!

A costume lover? Like to dress up as your favourite characters? Or want to let your imagination go wild? We have our very own Masquerade – a contest for the best costume!

Games Room

In spare time, if you happen to have any, don't hesitate to try out our Games Room. Filled with plenty of board games, with multiple tournaments and helpers always ready to explain game rules – it's a place you can't miss! Games Room is also the right place for all interested in wargaming and card games. You will have the possibility of battling against other players in multiple tournaments!

Beginners' Section

The purpose of this section is to promote and explain in an easy way what s-f/fantasy is about. There will be a series of fifteen minutes long speeches, during which newcomers will be introduced to such issues as RPG, LARP, Manga, card games, s-f and fantasy, etc. Everyone can learn something new about fantasy and s-f.

Kids' Section

It will offer the youngest ones great fun during the Convention! You leave your kid in the caring hands of our volunteers and enjoy the adult Convention bit. There are three age groups for children: kids 1-3 years old, 3-6 years old and 6-10 years old, each of them providing entertainment adequate to kids age. Our aim is to bring the new generation into the amazing world of fantasy and science-fiction!

Exhibitions, Shows, Workshops

Pyrkon is not only about lectures, discussion panels and all the theoretical stuff. For those of you who would like to develop new skills while having great fun we have prepared workshops in creative writing, acting, dancing, fencing and many more! In our Phantastic Space there is enough room for a dose of art – exhibitions, shows and performances. Be our guest!