Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon in Poznań

Pyrkon 2013 – time and place


22-24 March 2013

Usually Pyrkon takes place on the first weekend of the spring. It is also going to be so this year.

The Convention starts on Friday at 3 p.m., but the participants are welcome in a bit earlier, at 12 o'clock. Those who visit us before 3 p.m. will be provided with a place to leave their luggage, and they will be able to use the Games Room where volunteers will help them with having a go at board games. Also, anyone willing to help is more than welcome, as there are plenty of things to be done right before we start!

The Convention area has to be vacated by 7 p.m on Sunday.


Poznań, Poznań's International Fair

Pyrkon 2013 will take place in four pavilions of the MTP Conference Center (Poznań's International Fair) and a nearby high school building:

For your convenience all the buildings are located nearby, creating a truly Fantastic Space. Furthermore, there are assigned areas for shows, displays, concerts and a food court. Pavilions 1, 7 and 14 will be open round-the-clock. An exact placement of the buildings can be seen on the Google map below.

The Convention area can be entered from two entrances - the west one from Śniadeckich street (main entrance), and the east one from Most Dworcowy (the Railway Bridge, just next to the railway station).

A description of every building can be found below.

There are a few shops (including ones open twenty-four-hours), ATMs, pharmacies and bars in the neighborhood of Pyrkon. In the booklet given to you when buying a ticket we will provide a map, which will allow you to find them all without further trouble.

Pavilion 5A:

This pavilion is designed only for sleeping. Showers will be available in a sanitary container, placed inside the pavilion.

Pawilon 5a (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Pawilon 5aPawilon 5a

Pavilion 6a:

In this pavilion we will place the stage where live shows and performances will be held. Furthermore there will be an inn, where you will be able to have a rest, chat with your friends and of course - eat and drink.

Pawilon 6a (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Pawilon 6a

Pavilion 7:

The Festival's first building is pavilion 7, on the left hand side from the Western entrance. The ground floor is dedicated to our sponsors and exhibitors. There will be a possibility to buy books, comic-books, T-shirts, jewelery, costumes and all sorts of gadgets at bargain prices. On the first floor there are comfortable, air-conditioned conference rooms in which numerous meetings, lectures, workshops and contests will take place.

Pawilon 7 - z zewnątrz (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Pawilon 7 - z zewnątrzPawilon 7Pawilon 7

Pavilion 7A

of MTP Conference Center:

On the right hand side from the Eastern entrance, just opposite pavilion 7, you will find pavilion 7A, in which all games are to be located. Fans of computer games may take part in tournaments right here, wargaming and card games' fans will try their luck against gamers coming from all over Poland. Everyone can play board games (and participate in board-games tournaments just as well!) as our volunteers will always recommend something nice and give everyone a helping hand in the Games Room.
Selected attractions will be available also during the night.

Pawilon 7A - widok w kierunku pawilonu 8A (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Pawilon 7A - widok w kierunku pawilonu 8APawilon 7A - widok w kierunku kas

Pavilion 14:

of MTP Conference Center :

Pavilion 14 offers over 20 rooms in which meetings with Guests, lectures and RPG games will be held. Also this is the pavilion where we have two lecture halls where the most interesting Author meetings and lectures will take place. There is also an exhibition hall here.
Selected attractions will be available also during the night.

Pawilon 14 - widok od pawilonu 8A
    (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Pawilon 14 - widok od pawilonu 8APawilon 14 - jedna z dużych salaPawilon 14 - jedna z sal mniejszych

High School number 2:

The sixth and last building is used as a sleeping area (so-called Sleep Room) and the sleeping conditions in it are just the same as in pavilion 1.

Szkoła - widok od ulicy (kliknij aby otworzyć zdjęcie w nowym oknie)

Szkoła - widok od ulicy

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