Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon in Poznań

Pyrkon 2013 is over

Dear Conventioners!

We would like to thank you for gracing Pyrkon with your presence. We rejoiced exceedingly in the smiles on your faces, which we had the pleasure to watch throughout the entire three days of the festival. Thank you for all your kind words and for every smallest token of appreciation for our work. For many months dozens of people invested their time, energy and enthusiasm to create this year’s Pyrkon, which was attended by 12 299 people.
We are pleased that all this effort brought a result received so positively by you. We feel honoured as well as motivated to continue our work and to make Pyrkon an even more fantastic event.
Thank you :)

All who wish to reminisce those fantastic moments again should watch a short film - the Pyrkon Dance 2013 (link).

You can see more on out YouTube channel:

The organisers

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Pyrkon goes international!

Pyrkon website in English is just launching! The biggest multigenre fan convention in Poland goes international! Herein I would love to invite all of you to the Pyrkon Convention, taking place on 22nd-24th March 2013 in Poznań. With over 500 hours of program, a wide range of topics over a variety of areas, numerous Guests and Authors, abundance of shopping stands, enchanting RPG and LARP games, a huge gaming zone Pyrkon is a must-visit for every science-fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, horrors, comics, games and well... pop culture fan!

We had some technical problems that caused a little delay, but we are hopefully good to go now. More info will be gradually arriving on the website, so stay tuned! We do our best to provide all the necessities on our page, but if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us on

We strongly encourage you to create your own program items (such as lectures, contests, LARP games, workshops etc.) during Pyrkon. Most of our program is created by fans for fans, and it not only gives you the opportunity to share your passion and develop new skills, but also entitles to a cheaper Convention ticket. Please, keep in mind that it is the very last moment to submit your program proposals to us! More info and admission form can be found in 'Program' subsection. Just give it a try!

Hope to see you at Pyrkon!

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